Project deliverable

D2.2 – Environmental Data Infrastructures: Services Analysis Report

Published on: 12 Sep 2023

Peter Thijsse; Tjerk Krijger; Enrico Boldrini; Gwen Moncoiffe; Corentin Lefevre

The Interdisciplinary Data Discovery and Access Service (IDDAS) will be one of the components of the FAIR-EASE (FE) technical framework that will provide users with an easy and FAIR service for discovery and access to multidisciplinary and aggregated data s.. Read more

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Project deliverable

FAIR-EASE_D4.2_Landscaping exercise_The inclusion of special use case datasets in the data lake

Published on: 05 May 2023

Nydia Catalina Reyes Suarez; Mark Portier; Alessandra Giorgetti; Reiner Schlitzer; Giuliano Langella; Marie Boichu; Vincent Breton; Virgine Racapé; Cymon J. Cox

This document describes the landscaping exercise proposed for deliverable 4.2 (D4.2) within Work Package (WP) 4 of the FAIR Earth Sciences & Environment services project (FAIR-EASE, FE). The goal of this exercise is to analyse different special use case.. Read more

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Project deliverable

FAIR-EASE_D4.1_Landscaping exercise_The -meta-data, software and cloud needs for the data lake

Published on: 11 Apr 2023

Marc Portier; Charles Troupin; Clément Weber; David Sarramia; Damian Smyth; Erwan Bodéré; Frederic Leclercq; Gwenaelle Moncoiffe; Ioulia Santi; Joanna Golley; Katrina Exter; Peter Thijsse; Reiner Schlitzer; Tjerk Krijger; Vincent Breton; Simona Simoncelli

This deliverable has been projected as the long-awaited and definitive description of the Data Lake, that mythical answer to all dwelling technical questions in the whole FAIR-EASE project. The approach presented in this document tries to address that expec.. Read more

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Project deliverable

FAIR-EASE_D2.1_Environmental Data Infrastructures_Services Description Report

Published on: 11 Apr 2023

Tjerk Krijger; Enrico Boldrini; Roberto Roncella; Fabrizio Papeschi; Alexandra Kokkinaki; Gwen Moncoiffe; Véronique Chaffard; Peter Thijsse

For many societal and scientific challenges of the present, access to multi-disciplinary data resources and services is key. The FAIR-EASE (FE) project presents a technical framework that tries to cross boundaries of domain-specific (meta)data standards tha.. Read more

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Project deliverable

FAIR-EASE_D1.2_Initial Project and Data Management Plan

Published on: 07 Apr 2023

Corentin LEFEVRE; Christelle PIERKOT; Florian PIFFET; Alessandro RIZZO; Marine VERNET; Erwann BODERE; Vincent BRETON; Alysée CIBIL; Dorian GINANE; Tjerk KRIJGER; Yvan LE BRAS; Peter THIJSSE

This deliverable provides the Initial Data and Project Management Plan of the FAIR-EASE project, describing the comprehensive life cycle of the data to be considered, collected, processed and generated throughout the project.

The Data Management Pla.. Read more

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Project deliverable

FAIR-EASE_D6.1_Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication Plan_Initial

Published on: 28 Mar 2023

Cristina MANCARELLA; Zachary SMITH; Marine VERNET; Corentin LEFEVRE

The FAIR Earth Sciences & Environment services (FAIR-EASE) project aims to customise and operate distributed and integrated services for observation and modelling of the Earth system, environment and biodiversity by improving the Technology Readiness Le.. Read more

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FAIR-EASE_D5.1_Report on key requirements from Use Cases/Pilots

Published on: 31 Jan 2023

Maria-Luisa CHIUSANO; Reiner SCHLITZER; Simona SIMONCELLI; Charles TROUPIN; Giuliano LANGELLA; Fabio TERRIBILE; Nicolas PASCAL; Marie BOICHU; Raphaël GRANDIN; Virginie RACAPE; Catherine SCHMECHTIG; Raphaëlle SAUZEDE; Alban SIZUN; Alessandra GIORGETTI; Catalina REYES; Cymon J. COX; Katrina EXTER; Marc PORTIER; Stelios NINIDAKIS; Ioulia SANTI; Luciano BOSSO; Luca AMBROSINO; Marco MIRALTO

The overall objective of the EOSC Horizon Europe FAIR-EASE project is to develop and operate distributed and integrated services for observation and modelling of the earth system, environment and biodiversity implemented in close cooperation with user-commu.. Read more

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Project deliverable

FAIR-EASE_D1.1_Quality assurance and risk management plan

Published on: 15 Nov 2022

Alessandro RIZZO; Corentin LEFEVRE; Christelle PIERKOT; Marine VERNET

This document outlines the quality assurance and the risk management plan for the project and sets out the relevant procedures to be adopted by the consortium.

Additional and more specific procedures will be listed and described in the D1.2 on Proje.. Read more

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