EOSC Winter School 2024

FAIR-EASE as part of the EOSC family of projects is happy to announce its participation in the EOSC Winter School 2024!

The EOSC Winter School was conceptualised following a suggestion at the European Commission’s June coordination meeting, which identified a significant collaboration gap in the Horizon Europe (HE) EOSC-related projects. The EOSC Association, with the support of the EOSC Focus project, the HE EOSC-related projects, and local organisers from the RAISE project consortium, have organised the EOSC Winter School to address these gaps and to deepen technical understanding in various “opportunity areas”.


The main goal is to enhance collaboration and integration among HE projects. The Winter School focuses on providing an in-depth technical understanding of specific opportunity areas and integrating the deliverables of the EOSC-A Task Forces into these projects. This integration is expected to ensure continuity and application of the Task Forces’ work.

Short-term goals include immediate understanding and feedback; medium-term goals involve planning and support for upcoming projects; and long-term objectives aim to increase the sustainability of the impact pathways of INFRAEOSC projects. 

This approach is designed to ensure that the Winter School has a lasting and meaningful impact on the EOSC deployment and its related projects.

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Winter School 2024
3rd Party Event
Thessaloniki, Greece