FAIR-EASE and Blue-Cloud: Joint workshop at the Open Science FAIR 2023

The iconic initiative of OpenAIRE returns to its vibrant face-to-face format for its fourth edition in Madrid, Spain from 25-27 September. This year's event will provide the opportunity to meet in person once again, thanks to the collaboration between OpenAIRE and its Spanish NOAD, the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).

The primary goal of this #OSFAIR2023 is to contemplate the future of Open Science and determine how to work together to pave the way for future generations. The conference aims to unite individuals from various communities and backgrounds worldwide to identify areas of collaboration, share successful practices, and create the space for collaborative interfaces.

We are thrilled to take part in the event this year, with Lighthing talks, a Poster presentation, and a Joint Workshop with the Blue-Cloud 2026 project.

Navigating Data Lakes for Earth and Marine Science: Fair Data Management and Service Interoperability in Practice


  • 11:30 Rita Giuffrida, Trust-IT Services (Blue-Cloud 2026) - Welcome
  • 11:35 Katrina Exter, VLIZ (FAIR-EASE) - The Mythical Data Lake
  • 11:50 Interactive polls
  • 12:00 Massimiliano Assante, CNR (Blue-Cloud 2026) - Blue-Cloud Virtual Research Environment services for Open Science practices
  • 12:15 Marie Jossé, CNRS (FAIR-EASE) - Virtual Research Environment (process data As FAIR As Possible)
  • 12:30 Peter Thijsse, MARIS (Blue-Cloud 2026/FAIR-EASE) - FAIR Data Discovery and Access
  • Interdisciplinarly user environments
    • 12:45 Patricia Cabrera, VLIZ (Blue-Cloud 2026)
    • 13:00 Maria Luisa Chiusano, UNINA (FAIR-EASE)
  • 13:15 Q&A and reflections
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Organised by FAIR-EASE
Madrid, Spain