FAIR-EASE at the EOSC Symposium 2022

FAIR-EASE joined the EOSC Symposium 2022 in Prague with a brand new poster presenting our Use Cases! FAIR-EASE is contributing to the EOSC interoperability framework by bringing together scientific communities in a multidisciplinary effort: indeed, in a world where all societal and scientific challenges are intertwined, it is essential to develop gateways between metadata standards that allow the matching of data representations designed for different domains. This is the docus of our project, in particular for the domains of Earth system and environment.

FAIR-EASE offers two services: the FAIR-EASE Data Discovery and Access interdisciplinary service, that will provide users with an easy and FAIR service for discovery of and access to multidisciplinary and aggregated data sets. And the Earth Analytic Lab, that will provide users with an easy way to visualise, analyse and process environmental data on-demand, that is, according to their specific objectives, thematic, geographical areas and time periods of interest. Earth and Environmental scientific communities are involved through the development of three multidisciplinary Use Cases that will define the community requirements from real-life science challenges. They will be major contributors to our results!


EOSC Symposium 2022